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I embrace diversity. Having lived in a few different countries and worked with people from all kinds of backgrounds, I know firsthand the power of cross-pollination in fostering creativity and innovation. It’s heartening to see more organizations actively build diverse teams; I truly believe this will make them stronger.

The Buddhist concept of 'Beginner’s Mind' is something I continually strive to maintain. I ask myself at the end of every day not only “what did I learn?” but also “what did I unlearn?” Venture almost requires this level of openness, as the most counterintuitive companies today might well become the blockbusters of tomorrow. 

My favorite quote is, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” When in doubt, just go for it. No one will remember all the times you tried and missed, only the goals you end up scoring. Entrepreneurs exemplify this 'just do it' attitude - it’s what makes them such an inspiration to me.