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Being an engineer, I grew up thinking that life is like a math equation. With a clear right and wrong. Predictable outcomes. But actually, it’s complex chemistry. Organic chemistry. With tons of exceptions

My father worked in one company for over 30 years. He used to commute two hours each way for work. And that is the strongest childhood memory I have – of how hard he worked, for much less than what we have today. It makes me thankful for the opportunities I have.

In college, I had worked on a play based on a very interesting Japanese movie called Rushomon. The core thought of that movie was that there is no one truth – it’s a matter of perspective.

Every individual is a jigsaw puzzle. And every conversation with them provides a piece of that puzzle, helping me get to the full picture – to understand them.

When speaking to founders, I try to understand if they have the ability to let go of everything and imagine the world as a blank slate, to think bottom up and challenge every status-quo. _That’s the crux of creating large businesses. _

Our day is so fragmented, that every day you can get a great feeling about distance covered, which may or may not translate into displacement. What keeps me up at night is the fear, the feeling that I’m not doing enough.

No one should play the sport to win the consolation prize. They should play it to get the podium finish.

I want the founders I work with to be able to trust me completely. _To know that with me, what they see is what they get. _

What anchors me to Sequoia are the people here. There’s this inherent desire to do right by everyone we touch – our own teams, our founders, even the employees of our portfolio companies.

My father taught me to think of relationships in a long-term manner, rather than in a tactical, short-term, results-oriented way. This impacts how I behave on a daily basis and react to the ups and downs of a relationship.

I would like to tell my daughter to follow her heart. But whatever she chooses to do, it could be anything in this world, she should aspire to be the best at it.