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Mayank Porwal
Mayank Porwal

Best part of my work is to see the most fascinating and revolutionary ideas take shape before they become obvious. Being in the business of enabling change-makers excites each one of us on this side of the table.

I strongly believe in the 'why-now' of every business. Every successful venture has a very compelling reason to inflect today - not a decade earlier or later, often boosted by tectonic shifts in technology or changes in consumer behaviours. For all the entrepreneurs building out there, this is the most important question for you to answer.

I believe in the power of long term compounding. Building enduring businesses is very hard and entrepreneurs who build those often exhibit a lot of passion, patience, persistence and perseverance.

Having experienced a zero to one start-up journey myself,  I can share a few do's and a lot of dont's to help founders going through the same odyssey.