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Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh

We have three kinds of passports in our family – and different religious beliefs. We look at ourselves and think: what is all the fuss and fighting about around the world? Get over your differences, people.

At Sequoia, we have people walking in everyday, telling us how they will change the world in ways we could have never imagined.

At Sequoia, there are no rigid rules – writing a very small cheque or a very large one; backing a husband-wife team or a segment that Sequoia has not invested in before.

If you are not fundamentally open minded, you will refuse to see things that challenge blind spots. You will shut them out.

We try to come to work with a clear mind. We try to learn and adapt. And that only works when you are non-judgmental about others.

To be good at early stage investing, you have to be able to embrace the imperfections of a company, not judge it.

The fundamental premise of our philosophy is that the future will look different from the past. We have internalized that at Sequoia. We never think we have all the answers.

The most important things in life can’t be measured: love, happiness, integrity, humility, gratitude. The same applies to companies. The most important things – culture, vision, clarity, commitment – can’t be measured.

The founders who think about impact are better partners than those who do it for the money.

One line advice to entrepreneurs: Be clear and be real. We really dig authentic people.

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing big. You only go as high as the bar you set.

Chakke aur chauke ki batting karo (Go for the fours and sixes when you’re batting). If you want to amass 400 runs in a one-day game, you need to go out there and hit the boundaries.

Just because we were successful in the past doesn’t mean we will be again in the future. Every day when we wake up, we need to win all over again.

I tell founders: You are giving your youth to this company. Don’t be an also ran. Don’t spend your time building a marginal company. Make it ***** count.

Basic rules for picking a board member? Can you trust them? Will they watch your back? Will they tell you the truth? Make you a better person, a better CEO?

My own experience as an entrepreneur was tough because it was my first real encounter with failure. There are a few things I would do differently now –around communication, team management, leadership, how to handle layoffs, how to say no to people.

Every four or five years, I get the feeling that I was so stupid a few years ago. I feel like I get it now, but I didn't, not too long ago. Does everybody feel like that?

In every bull cycle, people are more opportunistic. In every cycle of bearishness, you see humility. The same people exhibit different behaviors in different cycles because they are being tested in different ways.

In most twenty-five year olds, there is raw talent but the control and judgement needed to nurture it is still undeveloped. The guys who can develop this are the ones who can successfully steer their own journey.

One of Sequoia's LPs – a top university – recently sent us a letter thanking us for our efforts. If you read that letter, you will know what gets me out of bed every morning.