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Recruiting Calculator

Generate a recruitment team plan

We put together this calculator to help you plan your recruiting efforts. In particular, it highlights two variables that have the biggest impact on the time it takes to build a team: your referral percentage and your ability to close candidates.

What period of time (in months) does this hiring plan cover?

(12 or 6 months is most common)

Step One

How many new engineers do you need to hire over the course of your hiring plan?

Step Two

How many sales / marketing employees do you need to hire over the course of your hiring plan?

Sales people aren’t easy to come by. Large account specialists can be as hard as engineers to hire.

Step Three

How many hires in G&A roles over the course of this plan?

Step Four

How many of your hires will be backfills due to attrition over the course of this hiring plan?

Step Five

Historically, what percentage of your new hires come via internal referrals?

A healthy referral percentage is 40-60%

Step Six

When you make an offer, what percent candidates typically accept?

A typical closing percentage is 60-80%

Step Seven

How many recruiters do you expect one coordinator to support?

Please enter a number above 0. We recommend hiring one recruiting coordinator per three recruiters.

Step Eight

Recruiting Results

Feel free to edit these inputs or go back to the beginning.

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Your Summary

Inputs Editable

Engineering Hires
Sales / Marketing Hires
G&A Hires
Attrition Hires
Referral Ratio
Closing Ratio
Recruiters Per Coordinator

Market Data

Standard Hires / Year

These numbers represent how many hires a seasoned recruiter working for a company with name recognition, a strong technical story and clear market fit can hire in a year. If your company is lacking in any of these areas, you will need to lower these totals, sometimes quite drastically. For instance, goals for hiring some specialties can be as low as one per quarter.

  • Engineering
  • Sales / Marketing
  • G&A
  • Referral Processing

My Recruiting Team Plan

  • Engineering Hires
  • Recruiters
  • Coordinators
  • Time on Referrals
  • G&A Hires
  • Recruiters
  • Coordinators
  • Time on Referrals
  • Sales / Marketing Hires
  • Recruiters
  • Coordinators
  • Time on Referrals